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Player agent services since 2000.

Since 2005 every ice hockey agent has to be registered before he can represent players in Finland. This means that if a player wants to use an agent in order to get a contract with a Finnish team, his agent must be registered in Finland or his agent has to co-operate with another agent registered in Finland.

We offer our players comprehensive services. Our main task is to help our clients in negotiations of the player agreement. If needed, we can also help our clients e.g. in pension-, insurance-, tax-, study- and investment issues. Giving legal advises is also a part of our daily work. We like to keep close contact with our clients. We take care of agreed things properly so that our clients can concentrate on playing and practicing. We follow the development of our clients and survey the future options together with them.

We offer our players to foreign teams too. Also, we co-operate with other agents from North America and Europe to help them find a team for their players willing to play in Finland.

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Heikki Mäkinen
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